Macaulay Culkin Net Worth And His Biography


He is an American actor, born on 26th August in the year 1980 in the New York City, USA. His birth name is ‘Jaden Macaulay Carson Culkin’. Macaulay is also a musician and he was in the 2nd position on VH’s list among 100 Greatest Kid-stars in the year 2009. Macaulay began his acting profession in the year 1985 as a ‘Halloween kid’ in the TV show named “The Midnight Hour”. He studied at a Catholic school called St. Joseph’s School of Yorkville and then Macaulay completed his higher studies at Professional Children’s School.

Macaulay inherited his talent for acting from his father’s family. This is because his father Kit Culkin was a Broadway actor and his aunt Bonnie Bedelia acted in some films. While Macaulay was small his big family was extensively poor and they have to wrap in a small apartment. But, it all transferred while he turned into one among the most famous child actors Macaulay Culkin Net Worth began to grow. He is well known for his character in Christmas films ‘Home Alone’. He also acted in so many films like The Pagemaster, Getting Even with Dad, Richie Rich, My Girl and Uncle Buck. At the top of his profession, he was contemplated to be the most fortunate kid actor of all the time.

How Macaulay Culkin became rich?

Plenty of movies where he acted brought lots of earnings for the writers, directors, producers, filmmakers and, usually, to Macaulay net worth. Any of those movies known as “Richie Rich” which was published in the year 1994 had a gross of about 8 million dollars. A unique movie called “Getting Even with Dad- earned for about 8 million dollars. But, the truth is well-defined. While so many people remember him from the movies, the very initial section of the movie “Home Alone” earned only 100 thousand dollars you must contrast it with other movies where Macaulay acted. The 2nd part “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” has grossed for about 4.5 million dollars.

As a result, it is trusted that both of these films enhanced the Macaulay net worth completely. He takes into account as the best child actor from the movie called ‘Shirley Temple’. Along with this, his capability was noticed while he was only a kid that allowed him to some TV commercials and after that he was grabbed by the film directors to play in some of the movies. Additionally, he was chosen to perform something in a few Michael Jackson’s music films.


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