2Local New Blockchain

Now is the time to welcome a new blockchain project, 2local®, which is developing its own decentralized ultra-fast blockchain and offers an excellent vision to use the richness of the blockchain to achieve sustainability and prosperity for all.
Many investors are not aware that most cryptocurrencies are just smart contracts on Ethereum that are only used for Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) crowdfunding’s. The exchange rate of these cryptocurrencies is usually artificially increased high when they are listed and then they are sold in large quantities by team members and those who were paid with these cryptocurrencies during the development phase. As a result, the price will drop to almost zero: the so-called “Pump and Dump”.
To avoid this Pump and Dump, 2local® ensures that the L2L cryptocurrencies have sufficient volume in relation to the available coins. The IEO coins will be locked over time, but most importantly, the coins are also used as “money” to ensure sufficient volume. 2local® is also building a platform to make connections between sustainable or local-to-local operating companies and consumers. The native L2L coin has a predetermined coin flow by offering a discount when buying this coin with people’s own app, giving cashback on sustainable and local-2-local purchases and by 2local®’s trading activities in coins at the exchange.
The cash back system is funded by transfer fees and profits of the rising exchange rate. The collection of transfer fees is integrated in the blockchain. This makes 2local® the first platform with an integrated utility in its own blockchain, and not as a smart contract running on another blockchain. The profits of the rising exchange rate are obtained by selling, holding and buying the L2L coin from the exchange with a smart trading algorithm that ensures a steadily rising exchange rate. This way, people don’t have to hold the currency to take advantage of the rising exchange rate, but can simply spend it to connected companies.
2local® does not profit from its users, but creates value with its users: a win-win situation.

Know How To Choose The Best Translation Company

Translation has a very important role in creating and maintaining international relations and businesses. It not only brings you close to the customers and business associates, but also polishes your global reputation. A good translation company helps a client to know the vision and mission of the company with whom they are going to enter into a venture. On the other hand, an incorrect and inaccurate translation can tarnish the image of your brand and it will reduce your clientage list in the foreign market. Therefore, choosing a right translation agency is crucial for every organisation planning to expand internationally.
Several business people, who often communicate with their clients in English, usually assume that there is no need of splurging money on translation services, as the majority of the people understand English in the global business community, and those who realize the importance of translation are not smart enough to choose a professional agency that may deliver the best results. Therefore, hiring a B-Grade agency and giving them the responsibility of translating important business documents without knowing whether they have expertise in this domain or not can never help businesses to success and grow in the international market.

Mainly, there are two types of translation services available — Machine and Human. Though the machine or automated translation is faster and cheaper than the human translation, but it does not guarantee the accuracy of the translated text as it gives just word for word translation. But, it will lose the essence of the text and of every idiomatic expression. While human translation services are expensive and time taken, yet they convey the exact meaning of your message, which a machine fails to do so. For human translation, you must review the credentials of top agencies and after proper evaluation, choose the one that employs highly qualified, experienced and best translation company with Foreign Accent Reduction available in the market.
There is a deluge of translation services in present times, hence, finding the right one is really a formidable task. While finalising a translation company, it is important to take the feedback of the previous clients of a particular agency. Their testimonials on the website and comments on the social media channels can help you a lot in judging the company's reputation and its previous work. Besides, make yourself sure that the company you are going to hire works only with the native linguists; otherwise you may be conferred with poor and inaccurate translation work. Moreover, the translator must also be familiar and well versed with your industry. If a document is of prime importance to you, then don't forget to share it with a professional proof reader to re-evaluate the quality of the translated documents.
In a nutshell, the translation industry is very wide and it is flourishing exponentially after the globalisation of economies, but a wise selection of the right translation agency is still a tough task and one should be very cautious and discerning while hiring a translation agency to acquire a distinct place in the rather competitive international market.

Бог как абривиатура

Бог расшифровывается как «Благо Он Глаголю». AБВГД… Аз Бог Ведаю Глаголю Добро… Како Люди Мыслите Он Поки Рци. Глаголить означает делать словом ибо руки како свои так и чуджы(чужие) делают лишь то що(что) рци(говорят) слова.


Уже молчу что я люблю
Юляша я тебя ценю
Тебе лишь только доверяю
Тебе все двери отворяю

Чтоб отношения упростить
Не нужно только другом быть
Пока не буду тебя брать
Нам просто нужно подождать

Открой же двери для меня
Не потеряешь ты себя
Прости себя уже обидел я
Не обижайся на меня

И хоть тебя я отпущу
Себя за это не прощу
Уже другую я ищу
Себя за это не прощу

И хоть не нужно нам спешить
Нам лучше все же вместе быть
Не буду даже торопить
Когда ты можешь позвонить…